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This deviation was deleted

She seems to be a fan art but I don't know who she is so I can’t compare her with anything. Perhaps you should put a link in the description.

I rated you three out of five stars for vision because I can see you know what you're doing and what you wanted to draw. It's all clear and central. The missing stars are for the crinkled paper, wonky scanning, anything rushed and the doodles at the bottom of you piece.

Only half a stars for originality because I think this is a copied piece. Please correct me if I'm wrong. The most original parts of this are the doodles and the signature, the rest is very generic. Don't take it the wrong way, some artists do very well with copied art but I still couldn't call theirs original.

I only rated you half the stars available for the technique because you do have your own technique but it could use some improvement.
The use of pencil for the skin and pen in rest of the picture really works, however the direction of your colouring does not. Try slowing down and colouring in the same direction, it will really improve your work. Instead of rushing your colouring when it gets boring, take a break.
The line-art is well copied with very few mistakes but thicknesses of the lines seem random. I think you should take another look at her forehead, back, chest, under her arm and the hair on the lower right hand side, it looks rushed.

Overall, the impact isn't amazing. It's just another piece of art made by just another person. Nothing wrong, nothing right. It doesn't stand out. I still gave you a star because it could have had a lower impact. It could have been much duller.

Sorry if I was blunt. It’s the best way to improve. I wasn't going to go easy on you just because you're a friend. If you would like me to explain anything, I'd be happy to.
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